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About Simone de Haas ~ The Speakers' Director

Changing The World... One Conversation at a Time. 

Your conversation may be with just one person, or an audience of millions. It may be live - on stage, in a boardroom, online, in a job interview or during an audition... or it may be forever captured in a book or a video.

Wherever your world-changing conversation takes place, you desire to know that you can deliver your message with confidence, without second guessing yourself, without stumbling or mumbling, without leaving your audience confused. Without being limited by awkwardly expressing your ideas or story.

I hear you. I know what it’s like to sing about myself for 15 minutes non-stop to the CEO of a large ‘blokey’ company and get the job as his executive PA. I know what it’s like to be married to a guy who came out of the closet after we separated.

We’ve all lived through awkward situations.  Surprisingly, those weird and funny moments are the magic that allow us to give voice to who we truly are.

Is this the brilliance you are hiding?

There’s a totally different and truly authentic way of presenting YOU to the world that allows you to make the difference that you desire! You’ll be thrilled to know changing this is not about programming yourself into being someone you’re not.

Using my capacities as a professional speaker, award-winning theatre director, producer, choreographer, actor, singer, designer and creative catalyst, I love collaborating with people to voice their unique presence.

Why? I discovered I could change people just by talking with them. I could change their perception of their world, their worth, their ability to share. I love the vulnerability and beauty of unpacking the suitcase of quirky stories and ‘aha’ moments we each have locked inside.

When you free yourself - your voice, your message, your spirit - you become the catalyst for change you’ve been asking to be.

Changing the world comes in all kinds of packages, most of which we leave un-opened ...unless we make the choice to breakthrough our limitations. What if your biggest challenge is the key to your biggest breakthrough? Mine was! (More on my personal story below.)

I’m a different kind of catalyst for your voice...

I’m perceptive, not predictable. I’m creative, not conventional.

I don’t do recipes or formulas. I teach you to use your intuitive senses to their fullest capacities. Your voice can flow with ease!

I invite you to enjoy improvising and interacting with your audience, rather than reciting your speech by rote.

I don’t give you the ‘easy fix’, but you’ll leave our collaboration with permanent change. How? Because you do the work. I’m ‘just’ the catalyst that opens the doors you’ll step through.

One more thing...while I’m these things and more, my kind of persuasive brilliance can never be fully defined, niched or copied. And nor can yours!

Please don’t call me if you want to be the ‘same, same but different’ as one of your idols.

DO call me if you are ready to express your unique brilliance with clarity, intensity and purpose. We’ll create magic!

Intrigued?  Wondering what I can offer you?
  • 'Simply Speaking' is my one day workshop or 3 month coaching program where you’ll gain confidence in your voice.
  • 'Perfect Pitch' is an interactive online class where you discover the essence of using your business stories to persuade and influence.
  • 'Leadership Presence' invites you, as a business owner or leader, to bring more passion, presence and authenticity into your relationships.

Are you ready to discover your voice?

How StoryTelling Creates Change

I’ve made people sob during a three minute speech.

I’ve changed people’s lives by knitting on stage.

I’ve changed the energy from awkward to absorbed in an audience in seconds.

How? A well-crafted story changes everything!

Official Bio - Simone de Haas

Simone de Haas is a renaissance woman. Her creative capacities move effortlessly between stage and boardroom, singing or directing and leadership, and the freedom of improvisation to the acuity of corporate storytelling.

Her book ‘Everyday Presence’ has become the simple foreword to a compelling and interactive personal story of presence and perception that is continually expanding through her diverse portfolio of work. She offers unconventional breakthrough programs and coaching for professional speakers, business leaders, actors, singers and dancers who desire to have their voice in the world.

Simone is currently the Senior Vice-President (Qld & NT Chapter) of the National Speaker’s Association of Australia. She has won theatre industry awards including a coveted Matilda Award for Directing, Acting & Design in 2011 and an ABC Bell Award for Best Production & Best Director.

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